Use Cases

Here's how Nonfig could solve multi-dimensional data into a single Config Hub.

Use Nonfig as Headless CMS

Headless CMS

  • Store and deliver structured content
  • Create, read, update and delete content
  • Create a great digital experience for your customers
  • Don’t worry about displaying on different platforms
Internationalization via Nonfig


  • Control all your multilingual translations from a single platform
  • Concentrate on your diversification tactics
  • Increase app engagement because of localized content
  • Interact with your customers regardless of time or location
Mobile UI/UX in Nonfig

Mobile App UI/UX

  • Modify the app without publishing on store
  • Manage the UI without technical staff’s support
  • Different versions for different mobile devices
  • A personalized experience for your segmented customers
Feature Flags in Nonfig

Feature Flags

  • Minimize your configuration lags
  • Fix bugs in the code without redeploying
  • Apply A/B testing
  • Enhance control over features
  • Use Kill switch to deal with a misbehaving feature
Create Announcement via Nonfig


  • Make announcements without releasing a single line of code
  • Announce new changes on your website or app
  • Announce new coupons
  • No more struggling with complex dependencies, hard-coded text or over-engineered monoliths
Create coupons via nonfig


  • Readable and understandable by the backend
  • Generate coupons using fly
  • Update or remove easily
  • Define coupon codes using CSV file
Do A/B Testing with Nonfig

A/B Testing

  • Divide and rule!
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Observe how customers interact with different changes
  • Efficiently measure the effectiveness of your strategies
  • Improve content engagement and conversion rates
  • Reduce bounce rates
Dynamic Landing Page in Nonfig

Dynamic Landing Page

  • Create 100s of landing pages
  • Cater all your segments uniquely by creating customized landing pages
  • Apply A/B testing on your landing pages
  • Improved conversion rates and brand awareness
Create workflows in nonfig


  • Integrate technology, process, and content
  • Define steps, processes, and stages and let your developers integrate easily
  • Keep track of your KPIs
  • Access anytime and anywhere
Create forms & wizards in nonfig

Forms and Wizards

  • Make complex tasks easier for your customers
  • Make segmented form fields and wizards
  • Define and make forms based on the region
  • Use YAML as a non-technical person to make forms and wizards
Define quotas via Nonfig

Quotas and Controls

  • Define and control your software configuration access policies
  • Specify quotas, rate limits, access controls, any operational aspect of your software
  • Give access to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) of configurations
  • Protect your configurations by limiting access to the number of people
Update UX & Layout via nonfig

Layout and UX

  • Enhance your customer experience
  • Design your UI patterns and components
  • Help users accomplish their goals by eliminating confusion
  • Modify color, text, and anything you can imagine
  • Your customer experience is limited to your imagination only