B2B Tech Marketer

Job Category: Growth
Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: Berlin Remote

Nonfig is a new startup looking for a full-time marketer.

Nonfig is a Centralized software Configuration Management Platform which reduces developer impact on behavioral changes of a software feature. You can store, modify and operate software configurations from a unified platform. 

Nonfig is a software configuration platform that aims to provide more Independence and Control to product owners and managers. We provide a platform where you, a non-technical person can do routine behavioral changes by yourself independently without any help from a non-technical person. And you know what’s the best thing? You can do the changes within a few clicks and minutes. Moreover, you will be provided with a platform where you can switch to the technical or non-technical version, whatever suits you.



  • We’re looking for someone who’s been there. You’ve grown lead volume and customer base for a B2B SaaS product. You’re hungry for more. You want to be able to tell the story of your next success.
  • You’re highly proactive, can generate tons of ideas, and can get them done. You value execution speed and experimentation. You’re technical.
  • You have a voice and an opinion. Generate content – maybe you like to write or be on camera, whatever is your jam.
  • You get all aspects of marketing – direct response, conversion optimization, you know good copy, understand growth loops, and intent-based marketing.
  • You’re good at what you do and can demonstrate it.


  • Together with the CEO and Head of Product you will build our growth strategy, and own the execution of this strategy.
  • You will work across all growth levers – traffic, signups, activation, onboarding, repeat purchases, retention, referrals.
  • Your key metrics are revenue and profit generated through marketing AND retention. We don’t care about vanity metrics.
  • You need to be scrappy and resourceful. We don’t have a huge ad budget – but constraints are great fuel for creativity. You’ll get support and resources from your team and the CEO to execute on good ideas. We’re always down to run experiments.
  • Fundamentally, we need to bring more qualified people to the front of the funnel by increasing awareness, and then convert them – while measuring everything.
  • In addition to strategy work, you’ll focus on practical day-to-day work like campaign planning and execution, generating leads, closing deals, managing social media, creating partnerships, finding distribution partners, identifying opportunities in the market.
  • You’ll also be expected to regularly detail progress, setbacks, and marketing insights for the whole company.
  • We’re just getting started, so wearing many hats comes with the territory. This keeps us sharp and makes sure there’s never a dull day.
  • We’re a small company, and a single person can have a huge impact here. We’ll also make sure we help you achieve your personal goals and career objectives along the way. We are here to support you.
  • We don’t overwork people, it’s a 40-hour workweek.
  • You get a fun, driven team of colleagues to work with.
  • 24 paid vacation days – plenty of time to sharpen the saw
  • Flex hours – we care about shipping, not when you’re at the office
  • You’ll report directly to the CEO.


  • Strong B2B SaaS experience
  • You get product marketing and can demonstrate it
  • You’re technical. Zapier, APIs, product analytics – all walk in the park for you. Experience with Webflow is a plus.
  • You’ve scaled traffic, experimented with marketing funnels and customer acquisition channels to find profitable ways to grow faster
  • Expert at paid acquisition (Google Ads, Facebook)
  • Strong SEO skills and content marketing experience
  • Experienced in sales and business development. One who loves talking to people; loves picking up the phone and calling people.
  • You know how large companies operate and make decisions; you’ve sold to enterprises before
  • You’re highly organized – you do your research, take notes, document everything
  • You have excellent presentation skills. You’re good at building slide decks and Excel reports. You can pitch.
  • Passion for measurement/reporting/analytics – you like to measure the results of each action. Advanced Google Analytics skills.


  • Identify and test new customer acquisition opportunities.
  • Set up and optimize media campaigns across multiple platforms, including search, display, social, email to drive sales
  • Work to understand “must-have” customer value, and work to bring more of the right customers to this experience
  • Run as many experiments as we have the bandwidth for
  • Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns.
  • Craft relevant deals and partnerships to speed up our growth
  • Be active on social media and evangelize Nonfig
  • Do what it takes to move the needle


  • Increase our growth rate month over month
  • Find repeatable and sustainable customer acquisition channels
  • Build our go-to-market strategy, identify ICPs, and how to best sell to them


  • We want to get a sense of how you think, and what you’ve done in the past. To that end, stock cover letters won’t do.
  • When you show interest, come with specific examples of what you’ve accomplished, and how you’d do marketing for Nonfig.

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