What is Nonfig - Software Configuration Management

What is Nonfig?

What if your business doesn’t need a software developer for routine behavioral Configurations?

Whenever you want to make small tweaks in your software, you get ‘developer’ locked. Also, you have to wait for hours and sometimes for days for the change. And, if the configuration doesn’t work for you, the waiting continues.

Nonfig is here to rescue you from lags! As we call it, The “Google Docs” for your software configurations!

Nonfig is a Centralized software Configuration Management Platform which reduces developer impact on behavioral changes of a software feature. You can store, modify and operate software configurations from a unified platform. 

Nonfig is a software configuration platform that aims to provide more Independence and Control to product owners and managers. We provide a platform where you, a non-technical person can do routine behavioral changes by yourself independently without any help from a technical person. And you know what’s the best thing? You can do the changes within a few clicks and minutes. Moreover, you will be provided with a platform where you can switch to the technical or non-technical version, whatever suits you.

Moreover, we also believe that configurations should not be the part of the Version Control System i.e GIT and non-technical people should be empowered further to drive the changes.

You can do your configurations easily without releasing a single line of code, just with a few clicks! So, now you can focus on the business strategies without worrying for developers.

What Is Software Configuration?

Diving deep into the development ecosystem, we come across software configurations.

The software configurations are essentially editable text files that contain the information required for the successful operation of a program. The files are structured in a particular way, formatted to be user-configurable.

While some configuration is hard-coded into software, settings that you can change are included in config files.

Mostly, the widely known standards are used to structure data in these configuration files, like:

  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • YAML (YAML Ain’t Markup Language)
  • XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

Some programs load the information stored in their config files when they start. Meanwhile, others periodically check the config file to see if it has been changed.

How will I be benefited by Nonfig? 

We will benefit you in terms of time and money both! On average, three developers will cost you ‎€150 for an hour. So, if you are doing a minimum of 30 modifications per month, it will cost you ‎€4500 per month. However, Nonfig will be charging you ‎only €300 per month. Hence, reducing your cost by 92%!

Time is money. A typical software modification and a reverting process can take hours and even days, however, we save you 80% of your time!

How? Because you will be able to do the configurations by yourself in a few easy steps without writing a single line of code!

Check out how Nonfig saves cost to company

Time & Budget benefits by using Nonfig

Features of Nonfig

Nonfig is life-in-heaven for all product owners. Let’s dive into the value we deliver to you.

Compare & Apply Feature

Got better results in your previous configurations?

Want to revert?

Don’t worry; you can revert to the previous versions on a single click! Using the compare and apply feature you can go through the detailed history of the configurations and can revert to any of the previous versions on a single click.

How is it different?

When you want to revert to a previous version in a conventional way, you require a developer for it. And the developer takes hours and sometimes days to get you on track. However, using Nonfig you can revert within few minutes.

In short, avoid the lags and revert within seconds with Nonfig!


The template feature of Nonfig gives you a headstart when you are starting new configurations for your new project. Templates are available in JSON, XML, YAML and Plain text. Moreover, we’ve categorized them under two categories, Featured and Languages so that you can easily pick and start working.

Customized Segmentation

Divide and rule your target market!

You can create segmented configurations, which means only a particular segment of your customers can experience the new strategy.

For example, you want to launch a sales promotion offer. The offer is that you will be giving discounts to your customers located in a particular city. And, the cities will vary daily so that the customers located in other cities can also avail the offer. Seeing that, you will need a customized configuration for your web page and application layout. So, customers located in the region of discount can experience a different layout compared to others. Eventually, this all can be done quickly by using Nonfig!

Choose your UI

Are your customers bored with using older User Interfaces?

Try our user-friendly interface, or you can customize it as you require.

Also, you can design user-targeted notification UI through which you can target your segmented customers.

Modify and structure your Access policies

Independently handle who could do what!

Define configuration accessing policies easily. You can easily customize or allow access to individuals to individual configurations. They can be defined by role, applications, department, or any axes that you want.

Hard to get?

Let’s understand this with an example. There is a configuration, and you only want some people with a specific profile located in different countries to see, create, and modify it. You can create and edit your access policy by designation and location to share the configuration with those limited people.

We understand that every business is risk-avert. Thus, you can easily set up a process to review and approve every configuration change to mitigate maximum risk.

So, modify your policies easily and experience the instant effect!

Choose your language

Get it in your preferred command line. In other words, just tell us about your preferred command line, it’s either JSON, Yaml, XML, or any other format you like.

Tracking Analytics

Every business department tracks analytics to respond immediately and avoid missing an opportunity. So why not track configurations as well?

We provide you with a real-time analytical interface. So, you can track the usage of every configuration and react immediately to its impacts. In short, our analytics help you to identify deprecated configuration and respond to it accordingly.

Analytics Dashboard


You are safe with us!

When it comes to the security of your data, your data is encrypted using encryption algorithms with your credentials. Moreover, you and your team members to whom you explicitly grant access to every configuration file through your policies will get access. And, neither Nonfig nor any of its employees can access your data.

Early Access

Give us your valuable feedback!

We proudly announce the launch of our “Pilot Program“. We believe that you, our customer, is the sovereign. Step in, experience Nonfig and give us your feedback. Fill your email below and become our pilot customer.

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