What Are Feature Flags And How They Are Used In Software Configuration Management

Feature Flags With Nonfig In Software Configurations

What are Feature Flags?

If you don’t like unit testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either.

Either you are tweaking your product or your workspace software, you must test it to assure that the end-user is satisfied. Feature flags are all about testing software feature before it is completed and ready to release.

Sounds similar? Yes! It is Total Quality Management (TQM) for your software, where you identify and rectify problems in your software at every step.

Feature flags are a powerful technique allowing developers to modify system behavior without releasing or changing the code. Feature flags provide an alternative to maintaining multiple branches in source code, for example during the development process a developer can enable the feature for testing and disable it for others. How? Simply by turning the flags “on” or “off”. If the flag is ‘on’, a new code is executed and if the flag is ‘off’ the code is skipped.

It helps the developer to deliver new functionality to users rapidly and safely. Feature flags are also known as feature switch, feature toggle, and feature flipper. I will be using term feature flags while discussing its benefits:

Benefits of Feature Flags

A/B testing

The majority of businesses use A/B testing to maximize their growth. It is a method to measure effectiveness.

How does it work?

A/B testing is a method of comparing two or more versions of a web-page, mobile application, email, video, call-to-action, or whatever you want to compare. It is an experiment where you show two or more variants to the user. You use analytics to analyze which variant performed better.

By using feature flags:

  • You can turn one variant’s flag on and other variant’s flag off.
  • In this way, you can compare the results of both variants and apply them according to the results.
  • Even If you are a non-technical individual, you can easily use feature flags without releasing any codes to analyze the impacts of variants.

A/B testing has proved beneficial for many organizations such as:

  • SAP observed a 32.5% increase in the conversion rate by just changing the color of the CTA button.
  • Dell experienced a 300% increase in their conversion rate upon testing the landing page.

You can have a look at the key benefits of A/B testing of 2020 data.

Continuous Delivery

Using feature flags you can use an implementing technique of continuous delivery. It is a technique that:

  • Is used by many leading software companies in the world to deliver stable and bug-free software.
  • Help teams to produce software in a short cycle
  • Releases software with great speed and frequency once tested.
  • Results in cost-cutting and time saving for firms.
  • Can be deployed manually and automatically as well. Automatic deployment is known as Continuous Deployment.

Canary Testing with Feature Flags

All businesses are highly risk-averse. They apply all the possible strategies to mitigate the risks. With Canary testing you can:

  • Reduce your risks by limiting the release of your new feature to a limited user base.
  • You can start with a smaller percentage and can gradually go for all users.
  • If the feature launched is not up to the mark, you can simply roll back by turning off the feature.
  • You don’t need to go through the whole role back deployment cycle.

For example, you developed a new algorithm and the algorithm looks good on the exploratory testing so far. However, you know it’s a critical part of your whole deployment. If you let all users use that deployment and something turns out to be wrong, it can be huge trouble for you. Thus, you decide to use Canary testing for it.

Enhanced Control Over Features

One of the major benefits of using feature flags is you can configure your system without making disruptive changes in live code. A smaller change in code or a release of small code can affect your perfectly working codes.

Feature Flags facilitates in the following ways:

  • Developers can work with phenomenal branching.
  • Your team can work with their copies of codes and can merge all changes easily.
  • Work independently on your copies of code and integrate them to the master branch or mainline when done.
  • Saves your time as you can work independently on the copies of codes.
  • Easy to merge without any divergence.
  • Continuous software delivery for the firm.

Kill Switch

You can increase and decrease the number of users by using a feature flag by using canary releases. But, what if you roll out a misbehaving feature? Here comes the kill switch to rescue, you can simply turn that feature off and let everything go back to the normal for users. Afterward, you can find out the reason for the misbehaving feature and rectify it.


Many large companies like Netflix, Gmail, Reddit, Flickr, and Apiumhub use feature flags. Moreover, it’s better to keep feature flags short-lived and small in number because too many flags add complexity. Thus, it is important to clean up the feature flags and keep the code base balanced. Feature flags are no doubt an important technique for businesses but there are some other Configuration Management Techniques as well that help businesses become a market leader.




How Nonfig Is Helping Businesses Affected By COVID-19

How Nonfig Is Helping Businesses Affected By COVID-19

These days, a startup becoming a Unicorn or a Camel has become an interesting contest among the doers. Subsequently, COVID-19 has drastically changed the way the Global Economy emerged. And also means that the way startups were expected to be in “Hyper-Growth” shall no be a de Facto for survival. Businesses affected by COVID-19 has left a drastic impact on the progress of the industries.

Existing Enterprises or Startups or now focusing on going into survival mode to sustain any longer. Clearly, none of the businesses can afford to burn the cash at the same pre-COVID-19 rate. The startups who were not profitable or have the higher Burn rate are now in “Existential Crisis”, just because the Financial restructuring is mandatory for the shorter period. It has always been desirable to build an onsite team and engage with people for every small outcome. The business innovators just spend their time being creative, while the striving was offloaded to Software Development.

Somewhere during the “Technology” making a difference, businesses started to rather believe unconsciously that the “Technical People” are the direction to strive. Why should an innovator need the “Technical Team” to sustain his ideas? Shouldn’t Technology happen in a way to facilitate the Business, not to be a dependency? This is where Nonfig comes on the front.

Introducing Nonfig

Nonfig is a Configuration Management Platform. It brings Non-Technical (Non-coding) and Technical (coding) together in the same umbrella. Nonfig aims to offload “Behavioural” changes of a Software System to the Stakeholders. While Tech Teams should spend time on creating something more valuable.

Scope of Nonfig

Nonfig brings Non-Technical (Non-coding) and Technical (coding) together in the same umbrella, aiding the businesses affected by COVID-19.

Learn more about what is Nonfig and embrace the difference.

During these days, where businesses affected by COVID-19 are reducing the headcount; It is the moment to bring Stakeholders and Technologists together to utilize them better than ever before. Just restructuring of the process is sufficient enough to continue the innovation. Companies need to realize that reducing the headcount does not mean to stop innovation. The enterprise still needs innovation to survive, either with a team of 5 people or the 500 at once.

A change of focus

The founders “awakened” enough are pivoting correctly. This approach involves Technology and not only Technical people to thrive. It does not mean that an organization should no longer retain Engineering team, it only refers that:

  • Enterprises should continue innovating, without COVID-19 outcome.
  • Rethink the way business has been operated, and start relying on “Technology”.
  • The time to market should be quicker than ever, it is no longer an option.
  • Remember, every failed startup forms another, competition.

Why startups are using Nonfig:

Let’s see why some emerging companies are using Nonfig:

  • Manage configurations under a single umbrella, inside a single Workspace.
  • Reducing headcount because of previous higher Burn rate.
  • Software changes should now take a few minutes and not days.
  • IT Executives start to retain control of minor details.
  • Enterprises thrive towards “Configuration Driven Development” rather than “Developer Driven Development”.
  • Technology should be a solution and not a Technical person.
  • Product Manager(s) drive the changes without involving Engineers for minor details.
  • Stakeholders no longer jump into code or repositories.
  • Write 100s of microservices without “distributing” configurations.

The positive outcome of COVID-19 is to rethink our processes. Why Enterprises were in dark that even laying off the people seems undesirable? When did “C-Level” Technology leaders lose control of internal happenings? Do Stakeholders look towards Engineering and not Technology?


The earlier a startup realizes, the better of chances to sustain longer. Are you wondering who will run the business if you reduce your Engineering team? think again, was it even a question?

One could become or remain a Unicorn, only if they survive as a business. A business without being a “Breakeven” is surviving, not sustaining. It is just that the hype of Hyper-Growth drove in such direction, that now it looks hard to look back again.

We could still survive, and fight the unprecedented changes of COVID-19 today. Just that, we need to rethink and change the way we strove in execution.

The business should not thrive by Stakeholder or an Engineering but by Independence.

Let us know what do you think. You can also Become A Part Of the Nonfig Pilot Program and instantly see an impact.

How To Use Nonfig for Software Configuration Management

How To Use Nonfig for Software Configuration Management

Keeping it short and simple, let’s relate software configuration management to inventory management. A business always keeps its inventory up-to-date to cater to its operations and market demand. 

Similarly, configuration management is about keeping your technology assets up-to-date so that they are known and tracked all the time. 

How can I Capitalize Nonfig for Software Configuration Management?

The first question that pops up in your mind is how I can avail configuration management from Nonfig. So let’s start up with defining an example case to make it more relatable to how Nonfig fixes all your configuration problems!

Let’s assume you are a business that operates in different cities in your country. Some of your business runs on its physical presence whereas remaining captures the market via digital presence. Let’s have a look at how your business can outsmart competitors by our configuration management:

Feature Visibility Control

Feature flags are also referred to as feature toggles, feature bits, and feature flippers. It is a software development technique where you can modify system functionality (turn on and off) without changing or deploying new code. If the flag is “on”, new code is executed and if the flag is “off”, the code is skipped.

So if you are using feature flags you are mitigating all your risks of lags which can incur because of executing a wrong code. You can easily modify the system’s behavior without making disruptive changes to the code itself.

Moreover, we can also have Feature Moderation! This means if you can think for any other feature visibility control, we can bring your imagination to reality!

Invariant A/B testing

Successful businesses always keep on applying A/B testing to enhance customer experience and to observe the changes in how customers interact with different changes.

Relating to the example case, you are operating in different cities in your country. You can run your invariant A/B testing on how satisfied are your customers using a new web-page in different cities. Usually, businesses measure if there is an increase in sales after the web-page is updated, but, they should also measure if their customers are satisfied by the new layout or not! Here where we will help you with the invariant A/B testing.  

Apply invariant A/B testing and be effective in your work along with being efficient!

User Targeted UI and Notifications

Using a heat map you tracked that many people land on your website, surf, and exit without taking the desired action. You conclude that there is a common reason for bouncing from the website. You decide to create notifications for the specific behavior of customers. This notification will enhance the experience of your customers and make them move ahead in the funnel.

Landing pages

You might come up with a new scheme or a promotional offer. But you want to keep that offer limited to a few cities, therefore, you will need two different landing pages. One landing page for the customers located in the cities who can avail the offer whereas others who cannot. You can easily manage the configuration by segmenting your customers according to cities and make them land on the page according to their cities.

And what about my mobile application UI?

So here comes the best part of it. Whenever you make configurations in your mobile application, your customer receives an update on the store, thus, if your customer is not updating the app he cannot avail the configuration. Using Nonfig you can modify the mobile application UI without publishing it to store. It means either your customer updates the application or not, he will experience the new configurations

Stimulate Customer Behavior

You can apply the feature of segmentation to drive your customer behavior as well.

Read About our Configuration Segmentation Solution: What is Nonfig?

But how can I use customized segmentation for stimulating customer behavior?

It’s pretty easy, by using our premium configuration management platform you can smoothly target the impact of software changes to the specific customers and its impact will be reflected by our real-time analytics which will make it easier for you in deciding how to increase the chunk of your market share.

Want to know more about this feature?

Well, you can also apply it when your business operates as a multinational. So, let’s assume that your business worked well and you were able to expand your operations in different parts of the world. Now as you are operating in different countries, you want your websites and mobile applications to be multilingual and we can help you do that easily by using a single platform for translations.

Focus only on your content

Are you worried about displaying your content on different channels and platforms? Headless Content Management System (CMS) will help you focus on your content strategies rather than worrying about different platforms and channels. So when you want to publish your content, either its web or mobile application or any other channel, it allows you to focus on one thing that matters, creating great digital experiences for your customers.


Improve your workflow by integrating technology, process, and content. You just need to define steps, processes, and stages and your developers will integrate them easily. So just help your developer in connecting the dots so that you can strengthen your framework and improve job performance.

Is there anything that Nonfig cannot do?

Nonfig can do everything you can imagine. We support all modern and legacy software platforms. So no matter how simple or complex your application is you just need to drop-in! Nonfig is the all-in-one platform for software configuration management.

become part of nonfig pilot program

Become A Part Of Nonfig Pilot Program Today!

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them – William Arthur Ward

As a business, you must have come across a situation when you weren’t able to avail an opportunity because you had to go through some configurations. And that minor configuration will consume two to three days and until that time you miss the opportunity.

That’s when Nonfig comes into the play.

Alright, Tell Me About Nonfig.

Nonfig rescues you all from getting “developer” locked and makes it easy for managers to do routine configurations by themselves without depending on a developer. Either its feature flags, UI, landing pages, invariant A/B testing and whatever you can name and imagine!

Curious for details about us?  Click here and find out everything you want to know.

About Nonfig Pilot Program

Want to experience Nonfig?

Good news! Nonfig Pilot Program commences from 1st June and it will last for three months, join us and experience the “Google Docs” for configurations. We strongly believe that customers are sovereign, so their feedback is! Give us your valuable feedback by becoming part of our pilot program and help us improve.

The biggest room in the world is room for improvementHelmut Schmidt

What are the perks involved?

  • Free three months subscription for our pilot customers when the pilot program end!
  • A proper case study, will be posted on our blog and promoted across our social media channels. (After the pilot program period ends)
  • We keep updating our customers on many digital platforms. You and your valuable reviews will be part of our cases on different platforms.
  • You are risk avert? Give it a try, implement it when you are satisfied.
  • Being pilot customer you can easily confirm the value we promise to deliver.

When can we start?

We are open for all the constructive feedback! What are you waiting for, fill the quick form and become Nonfig’s pilot customer!

What is Nonfig - Software Configuration Management

What is Nonfig?

What if your business doesn’t need a software developer for routine behavioral changes?

Whenever you want to make small tweaks in your software, you get ‘developer’ locked. Also, you have to wait for hours and sometimes for days for the change. And, if the configuration doesn’t work for you, the waiting continues.

Nonfig is here to rescue you from lags! As we call it, The “Google Docs” for your software configurations!

Nonfig is a Centralized software Configuration Management Platform which reduces developer impact on behavioral changes of a software feature. You can store, modify and operate software configurations from a unified platform. 

Nonfig is a software configuration platform that aims to provide more Independence and Control to product owners and managers. We provide a platform where you, a non-technical person can do routine behavioral changes by yourself independently without any help from a non-technical person. And you know what’s the best thing? You can do the changes within a few clicks and minutes. Moreover, you will be provided with a platform where you can switch to the technical or non-technical version, whatever suits you.

Moreover, we also believe that configurations should not be the part of the Version Control System i.e GIT and non-technical people should be empowered further to drive the changes.

You can do your configurations easily without releasing a single line of code, just with a few clicks! So, now you can focus on the business strategies without worrying for developers.

What Is Software Configuration?

Diving deep into the development ecosystem, we come across software configurations.

The software configurations are essentially editable text files that contain the information required for the successful operation of a program. The files are structured in a particular way, formatted to be user-configurable.

While some configuration is hard-coded into software, settings that you can change are included in config files.

Mostly, the widely known standards are used to structure data in these configuration files, like:

  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • YAML (YAML Ain’t Markup Language)
  • XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

Some programs load the information stored in their config files when they start. Meanwhile, others periodically check the config file to see if it has been changed.

How will I be benefited by Nonfig? 

We will benefit you in terms of time and money both! On average, three developers will cost you ‎€150 for an hour. So, if you are doing a minimum of 30 modifications per month, it will cost you ‎€4500 per month. However, Nonfig will be charging you ‎only €300 per month. Hence, reducing your cost by 92%!

Time is money. A typical software modification and a reverting process can take hours and even days, however, we save you 80% of your time!

How? Because you will be able to do the configurations by yourself in a few easy steps without writing a single line of code!

Time & Budget benefits by using Nonfig

Features of Nonfig

Nonfig is life-in-heaven for all product owners. Let’s dive into the value we deliver to you.

Revert on one click

Got better results in your previous configurations?

Want to revert?

Don’t worry; you can revert to the previous version on a single click! YES! You don’t need to drain your time waiting to come back on an older version.

Example: While working on a project you made some configurations. Using our analytics you observed that the previous version was more efficient for your business model. Therefore, you want to revert to the earlier version. No worries! Revert on a single click!

How is it different?

When you want to revert to a previous version in a conventional way, you require a developer for it. And the developer takes hours and sometimes days to get you on track.

In short, avoid the lags and revert within seconds with Nonfig!

Customized Segmentation

Divide and rule your target market!

You can create segmented configurations, which means only a particular segment of your customers can experience the new strategy.

For example, you want to launch a sales promotion offer. The offer is that you will be offering discounts to your customers with particular names. And, the names will vary daily so that other named customers can also avail the offer. Seeing that, you will need a customized configuration for your web page and application layout. So, customers who can avail discounts can experience a different version compared to the rest. Eventually, this all can be done quickly by using Nonfig!

Customized Segmentation in Nonfig

Choose your UI

Are your customers bored with using older User Interfaces?

Try our user-friendly interface, or you can customize it as you require.

Also, you can design user-targeted notification UI through which you can target your segmented customers.

Modify and structure your Access policies

Independently handle who could do what!

Define configuration accessing policies easily. You can easily customize or allow access to individuals to individual configurations. They can be defined by role, applications, department, or any axes that you want.

Hard to get?

Let’s understand this with an example. There is a configuration, and you only want some people with a specific profile located in different countries to see, create, and modify it. You can create and edit your access policy by designation and location to share the configuration with those limited people.

We understand that every business is risk-avert. Thus, you can easily set up a process to review and approve every configuration change to mitigate maximum risk.

So, modify your policies easily and experience the instant effect!

Choose your language

Get it in your preferred command line. In other words, just tell us about your preferred command line, it’s either JSON, Yaml, XML, or any other format you like.

Choose your language in Nonfig

Tracking Analytics

Every business department tracks analytics to respond immediately and avoid missing an opportunity. So why not track configurations as well?

We provide you with a real-time analytical interface. So, you can track the usage of every configuration and react immediately to its impacts. In short, our analytics help you to identify deprecated configuration and respond to it accordingly.

Analytics Dashboard


You are safe with us!

When it comes to the security of your data, your data is encrypted using encryption algorithms with your credentials. Moreover, you and your team members to whom you explicitly grant access to every configuration file through your policies will get access. And, neither Nonfig nor any of its employees can access your data.

Early Access

Give us your valuable feedback!

We proudly announce the launch of our “Pilot Program“. We believe that you, our customer, is the sovereign. Step in, experience Nonfig and give us your feedback. Fill your email below and become our pilot customer.