How To Use Nonfig for Software Configuration Management

How To Use Nonfig for Software Configuration Management

Keeping it short and simple, let’s relate software configuration management to inventory management. A business always keeps its inventory up-to-date to cater to its operations and market demand. 

Similarly, configuration management is about keeping your technology assets up-to-date so that they are known and tracked all the time. 

How can I Capitalize Nonfig for Software Configuration Management?

The first question that pops up in your mind is how I can avail configuration management from Nonfig. So let’s start up with defining an example case to make it more relatable to how Nonfig fixes all your configuration problems!

Let’s assume you are a business that operates in different cities in your country. Some of your business runs on its physical presence whereas remaining captures the market via digital presence. Let’s have a look at how your business can outsmart competitors by our configuration management:

Feature Visibility Control

Feature flags are also referred to as feature toggles, feature bits, and feature flippers. It is a software development technique where you can modify system functionality (turn on and off) without changing or deploying new code. If the flag is “on”, new code is executed and if the flag is “off”, the code is skipped.

So if you are using feature flags you are mitigating all your risks of lags which can incur because of executing a wrong code. You can easily modify the system’s behavior without making disruptive changes to the code itself.

Moreover, we can also have Feature Moderation! This means if you can think for any other feature visibility control, we can bring your imagination to reality!

Invariant A/B testing

Successful businesses always keep on applying A/B testing to enhance customer experience and to observe the changes in how customers interact with different changes.

Relating to the example case, you are operating in different cities in your country. You can run your invariant A/B testing on how satisfied are your customers using a new web-page in different cities. Usually, businesses measure if there is an increase in sales after the web-page is updated, but, they should also measure if their customers are satisfied by the new layout or not! Here where we will help you with the invariant A/B testing.  

Apply invariant A/B testing and be effective in your work along with being efficient!

User Targeted UI and Notifications

Using a heat map you tracked that many people land on your website, surf, and exit without taking the desired action. You conclude that there is a common reason for bouncing from the website. You decide to create notifications for the specific behavior of customers. This notification will enhance the experience of your customers and make them move ahead in the funnel.

Landing pages

You might come up with a new scheme or a promotional offer. But you want to keep that offer limited to a few cities, therefore, you will need two different landing pages. One landing page for the customers located in the cities who can avail the offer whereas others who cannot. You can easily manage the configuration by segmenting your customers according to cities and make them land on the page according to their cities.

And what about my mobile application UI?

So here comes the best part of it. Whenever you make configurations in your mobile application, your customer receives an update on the store, thus, if your customer is not updating the app he cannot avail the configuration. Using Nonfig you can modify the mobile application UI without publishing it to store. It means either your customer updates the application or not, he will experience the new configurations

Stimulate Customer Behavior

You can apply the feature of segmentation to drive your customer behavior as well.

Read About our Configuration Segmentation Solution: What is Nonfig?

But how can I use customized segmentation for stimulating customer behavior?

It’s pretty easy, by using our premium configuration management platform you can smoothly target the impact of software changes to the specific customers and its impact will be reflected by our real-time analytics which will make it easier for you in deciding how to increase the chunk of your market share.

Want to know more about this feature?

Well, you can also apply it when your business operates as a multinational. So, let’s assume that your business worked well and you were able to expand your operations in different parts of the world. Now as you are operating in different countries, you want your websites and mobile applications to be multilingual and we can help you do that easily by using a single platform for translations.

Focus only on your content

Are you worried about displaying your content on different channels and platforms? Headless Content Management System (CMS) will help you focus on your content strategies rather than worrying about different platforms and channels. So when you want to publish your content, either its web or mobile application or any other channel, it allows you to focus on one thing that matters, creating great digital experiences for your customers.


Improve your workflow by integrating technology, process, and content. You just need to define steps, processes, and stages and your developers will integrate them easily. So just help your developer in connecting the dots so that you can strengthen your framework and improve job performance.

Is there anything that Nonfig cannot do?

Nonfig can do everything you can imagine. We support all modern and legacy software platforms. So no matter how simple or complex your application is you just need to drop-in! Nonfig is the all-in-one platform for software configuration management.

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