How Nonfig Saves Cost to Company

Almost every business aims to minimize its costs, thus, it opts for such methods and techniques that lead to cost-cutting. Generally, a business has to manage two major costs, ‘cost of production’ and the ‘technological costs’. In a world where businesses are competing fiercely for market share with exceptionally value-added products, you must control your costs in order to maintain your chunk of market share.

Technology And Burn Rate

Also, Cutting costs is not an easy option to implement. Businesses try to minimize it by concentrating on different departments such as operations and production without affecting the quality of the product. On the other side, a technology-driven business has to bear huge installation and maintenance cost of the technology. This results in a huge spike in it as the technology holds a major contribution to it.

Businesses use different tools or microservices and bear their subscriptions individually. Businesses are able to control the burn rate in the other departments except for the software and technology.  In result, such businesses have to either compromise the quality of the product or rise the price for profit maximization.

How Nonfig Saves Cost

Nonfig solves all these problems under its umbrella. Using Nonfig reduces your technological burn rate by 80%. Let’s understand this with an example:

Team Size 2 People
Annual Salary per employee say $36000 $72000 Team Salary
Per hour Cost of Team (22 days, 8 holidays) = 176 409 hr/team
Number of configuration changes 10 Per month
Number of hours to make each change 2.4  hour
Total Time Spent 24 hour
Total Cost (per hour cost of team x total time spent) 8180 Per month

Using Nonfig the configurations can be made in 6.4 hours, saving you 17.6 hours. Which results in saving $7198.4 (17.6 x 409 = $7198.4).

Hard to believe? You can calculate it by yourself by using Nonfig’s calculator.

Nonfig not only reduces your high outflows of money, but it also relieves you from microservices. You don’t need to integrate your software with different platforms/tools for different purposes, rather Nonfig’s platform will be enough for you with its broad range of Use Cases. For example, for content management, you are using a separate Headless CMS platform and for configurations, you are using a platform that provides Feature Flags. Working on different platforms and bearing their costs separately will be hectic for you. Availing many services on a single platform with the minimum price is rather a better option to opt for.

We believe that technology should be to facilitate business rather than being a burden. Technology should be a solution rather than being a problem. Moreover, technology should minimize your cost rather than increasing the burn rate. Also, as you can make the routine changes by yourself, your tech team can now concentrate on producing something more valuable. Nonfig is a platform that provides many solutions for businesses with cost minimization.

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