How Nonfig Is Helping Businesses Affected By COVID-19

How Nonfig Is Helping Businesses Affected By COVID-19

These days, a startup becoming a Unicorn or a Camel has become an interesting contest among the doers. Subsequently, COVID-19 has drastically changed the way the Global Economy emerged. And also means that the way startups were expected to be in “Hyper-Growth” shall no be a de Facto for survival. Businesses affected by COVID-19 has left a drastic impact on the progress of the industries.

Existing Enterprises or Startups or now focusing on going into survival mode to sustain any longer. Clearly, none of the businesses can afford to burn the cash at the same pre-COVID-19 rate. The startups who were not profitable or have the higher Burn rate are now in “Existential Crisis”, just because the Financial restructuring is mandatory for the shorter period. It has always been desirable to build an onsite team and engage with people for every small outcome. The business innovators just spend their time being creative, while the striving was offloaded to Software Development.

Somewhere during the “Technology” making a difference, businesses started to rather believe unconsciously that the “Technical People” are the direction to strive. Why should an innovator need the “Technical Team” to sustain his ideas? Shouldn’t Technology happen in a way to facilitate the Business, not to be a dependency? This is where Nonfig comes on the front.

Introducing Nonfig

Nonfig is a Configuration Management Platform. It brings Non-Technical (Non-coding) and Technical (coding) together in the same umbrella. Nonfig aims to offload “Behavioural” changes of a Software System to the Stakeholders. While Tech Teams should spend time on creating something more valuable.

Scope of Nonfig

Nonfig brings Non-Technical (Non-coding) and Technical (coding) together in the same umbrella, aiding the businesses affected by COVID-19.

Learn more about what is Nonfig and embrace the difference.

During these days, where businesses affected by COVID-19 are reducing the headcount; It is the moment to bring Stakeholders and Technologists together to utilize them better than ever before. Just restructuring of the process is sufficient enough to continue the innovation. Companies need to realize that reducing the headcount does not mean to stop innovation. The enterprise still needs innovation to survive, either with a team of 5 people or the 500 at once.

A change of focus

The founders “awakened” enough are pivoting correctly. This approach involves Technology and not only Technical people to thrive. It does not mean that an organization should no longer retain Engineering team, it only refers that:

  • Enterprises should continue innovating, without COVID-19 outcome.
  • Rethink the way business has been operated, and start relying on “Technology”.
  • The time to market should be quicker than ever, it is no longer an option.
  • Remember, every failed startup forms another, competition.

Why startups are using Nonfig:

Let’s see why some emerging companies are using Nonfig:

  • Manage configurations under a single umbrella, inside a single Workspace.
  • Reducing headcount because of previous higher Burn rate.
  • Software changes should now take a few minutes and not days.
  • IT Executives start to retain control of minor details.
  • Enterprises thrive towards “Configuration Driven Development” rather than “Developer Driven Development”.
  • Technology should be a solution and not a Technical person.
  • Product Manager(s) drive the changes without involving Engineers for minor details.
  • Stakeholders no longer jump into code or repositories.
  • Write 100s of microservices without “distributing” configurations.

The positive outcome of COVID-19 is to rethink our processes. Why Enterprises were in dark that even laying off the people seems undesirable? When did “C-Level” Technology leaders lose control of internal happenings? Do Stakeholders look towards Engineering and not Technology?


The earlier a startup realizes, the better of chances to sustain longer. Are you wondering who will run the business if you reduce your Engineering team? think again, was it even a question?

One could become or remain a Unicorn, only if they survive as a business. A business without being a “Breakeven” is surviving, not sustaining. It is just that the hype of Hyper-Growth drove in such direction, that now it looks hard to look back again.

We could still survive, and fight the unprecedented changes of COVID-19 today. Just that, we need to rethink and change the way we strove in execution.

The business should not thrive by Stakeholder or an Engineering but by Independence.

Let us know what do you think. You can also Become A Part Of the Nonfig Pilot Program and instantly see an impact.

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