Marketing managers utilizing Nonfig

How Can a Marketing Manager Utilize Nonfig To Capitalize The Market?

A marketing manager has to focus on many aims such as increasing the customer base, satisfying customers, increasing the market share and maximizing the profits. Aims of the marketing manager and his department holds the major chunk in the driving force of the organization.

Manager have to adopt different strategies and tactics to achieve their departmental aims so that the organization can ultimately achieve the strategic aims. Marketing managers work with a dynamic approach to maintain or increase the chunk of their market share. To match the pace of consumer preferences they keep on tweaking their product and everything that can maximize the user experience.

To catch up with the pace of the dynamic market, marketers have to also align themselves with the technical team. So that, they can improve their website, mobile applications and all the relevant material to improve the customer satisfaction. Many times such innovating marketers face lags because of configurations and miss an opportunity.

We thought that there should be a platform that can bring more independence for such innovators. Let managers do the routine configurations by themselves so that they can meet up with the consumer demands whereas, on the other hand, the technical team can work on more valuable stuff.

As a marketing manager, you can be benefited in several ways using Nonfig


As a marketer, you would always cater to the market by segmenting it into different parts. Dividing the market into sub-groups and then satisfying each group individually is the basic move for every marketer. As a marketing manager, you can create segmented configurations, so that every particular segment can experience a customized strategy.

Landing pages

As a marketer, you can create 100s of landing pages according to the segment you want to cater. Yes! Segmentation is the key to success for a marketer. You can manage the landing pages according to your customers and let them maximize the experience.


A marketing manager always tries to flourish the business beyond the geographical boundaries. Taking business beyond the geographical boundaries comes up with several challenges for marketers. One of the major challenges is to deal with a language barrier. At this point, Nonfig plays its role by giving managers control over the translations by a single platform. In this way, you can focus on your other strategies instead of worrying for the translations. You can learn more about internationalization here.

A/B testing

A/B testing is also known as split testing and bucket testing. It is a method of comparison used by businesses to compare two different versions of webpage, app, CTA or anything related to their business. Whichever version is more result generating, business opts for it. Many large and successful businesses keep on applying A/B testing to enhance the customer experience. Using our platform, as a marketer, you can apply A/B testing and keep enhancing the customer experience.

Headless CMS

Nowadays we are not sure that our customer is using what type of device to access our content. Every device has a different display thus the content must be managed in a way that it can be displayed on any device. We create ease for the marketers, they can focus on the quality of the content only whereas, and our platform will take care of the content management.

Headless CMS for marketing managers - nonfigUser targeted notifications

You can create targeted notifications based on the behavior of your user and pace up the successful flow of customers in the buying funnel.

create user targeted notification as a marketing manager using nonfigA lot else to do

Now you don’t need to ask the developer to create coupons for you, however, now you can define valid CSV file with valid coupon codes as a marketer.

Moreover, you can deliver messages, notices and announcements without releasing a single line of code

Also, you don’t need to publish every modification of the mobile app on the store. Using Nonfig you can do it without publishing it on the store.

There is a lot Nonfig has to offer for the marketers. Use of the platform is limited to your imagination.


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