Nonfig-Compare & Apply Feature

Compare and Apply Feature

‘Time is money’ is a renown quote by Benjamin Franklin. As a person or a business if you’re saving your time you can surely invest that time in something more productive. Nonfig as a tool saves your configuration time in every possible way leading to saving 80% of your time.

Businesses face a lot of lags in the configurations process, seeing the lags and problems faced by businesses we came up with Nonfig, so that you can save your time and money involved in tech in every possible way.

Nonfig has introduced its feature of “Compare and Apply”. The feature is nontech friendly and easy to use and understand.


If you haven’t read already, checkout how Nonfig saves cost to company?

What is Compare & Apply feature?

Using the compare & apply feature you can check the complete history of configurations. You can check what configurations were made, who made the configurations and when were they made.

For example, in the picture below you can see that currently, you are giving 80% discount with a shipment cost of $15 to your customers.

Nonfig Compare and Apply Feature

Now you want to check the previous versions of the discounts and shipment charges. To check the previous versions:
Click on the hamburger menu on right and click on Revisions

Compare and Apply Feature - Nonfig

Here you can see all the history of configurations that were made

Revision List

For example, you want to compare the version 4 with version 5. 

Click on Compare on Version 4.

Configuration Revision - Nonfig

The area highlighted with ‘Green’ shows the configuration of version 4 which is the previous one and the area highlighted with Red shows configuration of version 5

If you want to revert on the previous version i.e version 4, click on Apply and revert to the older version.

How compare & apply feature benefits you?

  • Easy to understand and use
  • You can keep a check what configurations were made
  • Easy to scrutinize who made the configurations
  • A complete record of at what time configurations were made
  • If the real-time analytics of Nonfig shows that an older version of configurations had a better outcome, you can revert to that version on a single click.
  • Any person either technical or non-technical, who has access to the configurations can easily revert to the previous version
  • You’ll be saving 80% of your configuration time
  • You & your tech team can invest the saved time in producing something more valuable


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