User Managament with Nonfig

Using User Management In Nonfig

In short, User Management solves the problem of managing user access to various resources. Past two decades has been an explosion of innovation in the IT world, thus, all the economic agents shifted toward and started to depend on IT. As the world started to shift towards cloud-based systems, they started to face the security breaches. In other words, unauthorized people accessing the precious data of companies. As a result, user management was born!

What is User Management

User management is a basic security essential for any organization. It enables administrators to manage and control the access to various IT resources. The admin dictates the user access to the user manager, therefore, it scrutinizes a user prior penetrating for the data.

User management provides a solution to the executives in terms of providing the relevant access to the relevant departments and relevant employees. For example, the HR department generally requires access to different resources than the marketing department. Similarly, an HR employee doesn’t need access to marketing data and vice versa. Moreover, every employee of a marketing department will not be given access to all the marketing data. In brief, user management enables managers to manage the data on a need basis.

User Management using Nonfig

Nonfig brings Non-Technical (Non-coding) and Technical (coding) together in the same umbrella. Using Nonfig, product owners/managers can manage the users by themselves. Nonfig provides a platform where a non-technical person can manage access by themselves, whereas, the technical staff can concentrate on delivering something more valuable.

Before moving on the user management, you must create Access Policies. After creating the access policies you can easily assign the access of configurations to different users. You can learn how to design, edit and delete access policies here.

Let’s learn how can use User Management of Nonfig:

  1. To invite an employee:

Click on Users > Invite User

Enter email of your employee and send the invite.

The invited person receives the invitation:

User Management invitation email - Nonfig2. To give access to a user for a file:

Click on Users you can see all the people to whom you can give access to.

To give Access for a configuration file to a particular user, click on View Profile

User Management Edit using NonfigAfter entering the profile, you can give access to the files by using New Policy (these are the configuration files of whom you already created access in Access Policy)

User Management was never this easy! Nonfig provides a platform to managers where they can manage users within seconds and maximize the efficiency. Get your team on the same page and capitalize on all the opportunities.


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