Store Your in a Centralize Hub

Seamlessly Store, Modify, and Control Software Configurations from a single Hub.


Increase People Involvement

Stakeholders, Product, and Non-Tech individuals could now be involved to make changes.

How Nonfig changes the outcome Created with Sketch.

Powerful Editors

Syntax highlighter makes ease for you to write and validate instantly

Drop-in SDKs

Install opensource SDKs we have written for quick integration, no coding needed

Fault tolerant

No Single Point of Failure, as our SDKs keep offline data cached for you

Automatic Versioning

Automatic versioning support so you can always go back in time


Plain REST API Interface is available for instant integration for legacy platforms

Server-side Agent

Just install our Agent directly on your infrastructure, forget SDK integration

Interested? Nonfig is FREE to use and simple to integrate. We will walk-through together from start to finish, no Credit Card required!

Best Use Cases for Integration

Few top reasons where you can use Nonfig to centralize the Configurations

Application Configurations

Store the Frontend, Backend, Mobile or Microservice Configurations under centralize Hub.


The generic structure makes Translations (i18n) easier to be implemented without complex fuzz and buzz features.

Feature Flags

Simply store Feature Flags under the same central Hub and empower Non-Tech to control staged rollouts.

Install the SDK and Get Started

We support Node.js, Python and .NET SDKs, addition to RESTful APIs

npm install --save @nonfig/node-sdk Installed
pip install nonfig-sdk Installed
dotnet add package nonfig --version 1.0.0 Installed