Effectively manage

Improve Customer Experience with best next generation Configuration Platform.

  • Impact millions of customers without redeploying the code.
  • Manage Software Features and their behavior easily.
  • Toggle new rollouts or hide broken features in seconds.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by direct customer engagement.
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    ✓ No Credit Required ✓ FREE forever ✓ Trusted at scale

    Centralize data at central Hub,
    Increase agility for stakeholders

    • Centralize data across the teams
    • Non-Tech don’t need code access
    • Simple to use, easy to integrate

    and endless possibilities to


    • Orchestrate data without barriers
    • Get near real-time data analytics
    • Collaborate, as it is better, not just code
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    Free SDKs

    Install opensource SDKs we have written for quick integration, no coding needed

    Fault tolerant

    No Single Point of Failure, as our SDKs keep offline data cached for you

    RESTful APIs

    Plain REST API Interface is available for instant integration for legacy platforms

    Simple Agent

    Just install our Agent directly on your infrastructure, forget SDK integration

    Offline Cache

    Our SDKs and Agents support offline caching to avoid remote outages


    Configurations in JSON? or YAML? may be XML? Even plain TEXT supported.

    Combine multiple tools into one. Improve feature management, avoid code changes, increase continuous delivery, and save cost.

    Orchestrate the network applications from a single unified hub. Increase brand experience, optimize software delivery time.

    Product for the most demanding,
    production systems, and startups.

    Simply create a Configuration with content inside. Let your tech team
    integrate it once using our powerful SDKs and RESTful APIs and control
    the changes from a single hub, forever.


    • Data Security: SDK stores the data offline and never leaves you. API Calls are behind SSL protection.
    • Top Performance: World-class real-time system to deliver configurations, or you fetch as when needed.
    • Highly Resilient: Our platform uses the best modern technologies to deliver the secure, fault-tolerant, and best experience.
    • Enterprise Scale: Running platform at scale is not a problem. Nonfig can run inside your protected data center.


    Automatic versioning support so you can always go back in time

    Powerful Editors

    Syntax highlighter makes ease for you to write and validate instantly

    0 Times software is updated

    0 People involved for each change

    0 Hours taken for completion

    0 Average salary paid

    If a Software is modified 22 times a month and involves
    03 people each spending 02 hours, and 5000 as an average
    salary, Nonfig will save you

    0 euro

    Every month instantly, and saves more overtime by avoiding maintenance cost

    0 hours

    Productive time of people involved, so build features that matter for the business.

    Interested? Nonfig is FREE to use and simple to integrate. We will walk-through together from start to finish, no Credit Card required!