Software Configuration Management

Nonfig is "Google Docs" for Software Configurations. You can store, modify, and control Software Behaviors from a single workspace.

Single Platform

Keep every Business Strategy in the central workspace, so you simply collaborate with the team.

Tech Agnostic

We support all modern and legacy software platforms. So no matter how simple or complex your application is, we are just drop-in integration.

Full Security

Your data is encrypted, so only you, and the permitted users could see and modify the configurations.

Analytics View

Our Analytics dashboard shows the Impact and Integration in real-time, as well as extensive Audit logging for internal administration.

How It Works

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    Simply create your account in 1-easy step and get started instantly

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    Define a configuration using Simple or Advance editor

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    It would take less than 15 minutes to integrate using our SDKs

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    Modify configurations in Control Plane and see the changes appearing in real time

Change business software a lot quicker with nonfig

Customize your Software features and their behavior to match your business process. using our Simple & Advance editors. Create many segments and turn features on and off.

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Direct continuous impact with Nonfig

By empowering the Non-technical team to power the changes, Nonfig helps businesses to reduce their fixed cost by up to 92% in one month. It reduces the time to market by 80% as no longer dedicated humans are necessary. And off course, when we employ less human, so does the Manpower hours go down by up to 85% instantly.

Major cost reduction

FIxed Cost


Time to market


Manpower Hours



Simple pricing, no drama! After your 3-months trial is up, gain access to unlimited features with one of the pricing plans below.

Pricing plans and options

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you.

Checkout other plans available or contact us for the custom-tailored packages.

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Perfect for small projects and teams
per month
10 Users Access
5 Configurations
10 Revisions per Config
100,000 API Calls
8 Consumers supported
Detailed Analytics
Advanced Customer support
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Perfect for growing teams
20 Users Access
15 Configurations
Unlimited Revisions per Config
Unlimited API Calls
Unlimited Consumers supported
Detailed Analytics
Advanced Customer support
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We offer a Free Plan to Small Startups, Incubators, Students, User Groups, and Non-Profit organizations. Please get in touch with us for further information.

nonfig has SDKs available for major languages. Start your Free Trial today.

User Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, checkout the feedback from some of our customers about Nonfig transformed them.

Nonfig tremendously removed the requirement of building an in-house CMS for operational changes. We use Nonfig for storing Feature Flags, Layout theming, and Multi-lingual translation and totally love it!

Jerome Chout


Using the feature flags within nonfig has allowed us at Tribune to decouple the deployment of the code from the release of a feature. nonfig has allowed us to target our audience segments based on their native language and test new UI without the fear of exposing an incomplete functionality. I love the complete control over the timing of feature releases, even for non-engineers.

Khadija Shafaque

Head of Development - Tribune

At Zaavia, we make sure our systems are always up and running as we focus on the constant supply of blood across the state. If the feature breaks down, by the time we roll it back, the damage is already done that destabilize the credibility of our services and disrupt the planned product roadmap. However, nonfig allowed greater collaboration among team members and increased usability testing before full-scale feature deployment.

Inam Ul Haq

CTO - Zaavia

I am not a developer but I am amused how Nonfig empowered me to derive the software changes. It is totally a different perspective to build Software features thus convenient.

Tony Jacobson


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it called nonfig?

So nonfig does NOT mean No-Config (or No Configuration) but rather Nope, Configuration!. We aim to provide a Cloud-based Centralized Configuration Platform (SaaS), that ease in managing all the Configurations at one workspace and deliver to your application(s) in real-time.

What about Data Privacy and Content Security?

Your data is enrypted using the Encryption algorithms and that too with your credentials. It is You and Your Team Members to whom you explicitly grant access to each and every Configuration files through Policies. We as nonfig or any of our employee could never access your data. So stress-less and do more :

What are the payment terms?

Simply link the “Credit Card” in your Organization Settings. We charge you at the start of each month and you could cancel anytime at one (1) month of the notice period.

How nonfig solves the problem?

Nonfig removes a middle layer of communication which forces Stakeholders to constantly reach Software Developers for each small Strategical change. By helping our clients to move towards “Configuration based Systems”, we make it ultimately flexible to control the Mobile or Software Application’s Behaviour, Actions, User Interface/Experience, Interactions, and Targeted Content; directly from the Cloud.

What are the few usecases to use nonfig?

  • Define Data Input Forms specification for Mobile/Web applications without releasing single line of code.
  • Workflows, Processes, Wizards or other Business-driven Entities.
  • User-targeted Notifications UI or Screen experience
  • Landing pages, titles, dynamic content.
  • Application Configuration files like .ini, .json, .xml, .yaml, .txt and etc
  • Invariant A/B Testing
  • Feature visiblity control like Feature flags
  • Show different Webpage layout to different kind of Segmented Users.
  • Whatever else you could imagine 🙂