Manage literally from a single platform

Connect with your users instantly to build more interaction,
less time to modify software, improved targeted experience,
and all from a centralized configuration platform

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Now your customer experience is limited to your imagination. Design and Implement anything you want.


You can now work from end to end features while the behavioral changes can be easily be made.


Utilize your content and our technology to capitalize on all the market opportunities.


A unified workspace that helps you to collaborate with your team with more control and independence.

One product fits-all approach,
easy to use, simple to integrate.

Simply create a Configuration with content inside. Let your tech team
integrate it once using our powerful SDKs and RESTful APIs and control
the changes from a single hub, forever.

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Centralize everything at Configuration Hub,
and bring stakeholders together today

No need for different Content and Configuration tools that are encapsulated within teams.
Drive changes from a single platform and create an interactive communication within team.
By bringing the Stakeholders together, you can now execute changes faster.


Automatic versioning support so you can always go back in time

Powerful Editors

Syntax highlighter makes ease for you to write and validate instantly

Drop-in SDKs

Install opensource SDKs we have written for quick integration, no coding needed

Fault tolerant

No Single Point of Failure, as our SDKs keep offline data cached for you


Plain REST API Interface is available for instant integration for legacy platforms

Server-side Agent

Just install our Agent directly on your infrastructure, forget SDK integration

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Nonfig has SDKs available for major Platforms

Truly Unopinionated and everybody love that.

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